Self interest motivates

The first group would fit into the "real interest" paragraph. Report this Argument Pro I feel as if i stated all my points of view in my previous 2 comments. Her desire to live lets her adapt to harsh circumstances presented to her so with the misfortune of losing her son, she lets the new children she finds replace her son.

And overall it makes them feel goodeven dying for it. They make her feel wanted and needed. If Luba dies, they will be less likely to survive in the hardships of the camps.

It seems as if he is trying to help the woman he loves get what she needs, but the real motive for it is that he is trying to win her heart. Next, My first point. My guess is that Rodriguez was more interested in playing for the most storied franchise in baseball and having the opportunity to win a World Series Championship than being the superstar on a lesser team that might never win it all.

From a neurological perspective, scientists argue that when a human empathizes with another, the brain operates as if the human is actually participating in the actions of the other person. My first contradiction about that quote is 'something seen as bad by society' - Society has constantly been changing for thousands of years Unless you worship 'Zeus' or 'Aphrodite', you've definitely evolved with society there is very little idea on what is right and wrong in society, in the 21st century.

We had a productive conversation about how we could engage each person and walked away with a better perspective on how best to move forward. With this her she is able to answer her urge to live and can face the harsh situations presented to her.

With this her she is able to answer her urge to live and can face the harsh situations presented to her. English is not my first language.

Self Interest Motivates

Because it would be bad for them. Psychological egoists, however, respond that helping others in such ways is ultimately motivated by some form of self-interest, such as non-sensory satisfaction, the expectation of reciprocation, the desire to gain respect or reputation, or by the expectation of a reward in a putative afterlife.

Every human action is motivated by self interest

Something is gained from being part of something bigger than yourself. An example of this situation could be phoning for an ambulance when a car accident has happened.


There's 's of other ways to gain love and respect from people, they should go find some other ways of doing it. You said they do it so their parents would not be fined. On the other hand, capitalism is the system best equipped to channel greed into more productive ends by providing a way for individuals to make unlimited profits through production and exchange rather than stealing.

His son sees and attacks his own father for the bread. Psychological egoists and hedonists have found through numerous observations of natural human behavior that behavior can be manipulated through reward and punishment both of which have direct effects of pain and pleasure.

You made a very good argument, and I can't wait to hear your argument for the final round. Using pleasure and pain to control behavior means behaviorists assumed the principles of psychological hedonism could be applied to predicting human behavior.

She takes care of the children because she misses her son, Isaac, who was taken away from her at the time of the selection process during the entrance to the camp.

I'm just a cynical person at heart, and so I do believe that self-interest motivates us more than anything else. In particular, I believe that because society has standards (Albeit vague and ambiguous) which people are expected to live up to, we make decisions in order to meet these standards.

Self Interest Motivates Humans have always wondered what drives them to make the choices the make. One of the theories people have come up with is that self-interest primarily motivates mankind.

The moral point of view goes beyond self-interest to a standpoint that takes everyone's interests into account. Ethics, then, assumes that self interest is not the basis for all human behavior, although some philosophers, e.g., Hobbes, have tried to base ethics on self-interest.

Hello, What is more motivating, altruism or self-interest? I would say that both are! In general, and I say in general, we all begin with self-interest in mind and as we reach a certain level of wisdom and maturity in our lives, we become more altruistic. (cont from RFD) every human action is motivated by self interest.

Con's last argument wasn't convincing enough for me because I would certainly keep the medicine for myself, yet he showed that some people might be motivated to give it to the other person.

D: Motivates producers to supply what customers want. U:Self-interest helps those who want to make a profit; supply what customers want.

Self interest motivates
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