Frederick douglas

Moreover, he argued it was imperative to obtain some measure of political, legal, and social rights for blacks to confront the rising level of horrific anti-black violence that was sweeping the United States.

At no point did he think of himself as the singular spokesman for the movement or a group or his race. Separatism, for Douglass, was in the interest of the defenders of slavery, and after the U.

During this time he was exposed to the degradations of slavery, witnessing firsthand brutal whippings and spending much time cold and hungry.

Hine, Darlene Clark,Hine Sight: Rowman and Littlefield, May of Syracuse, and my esteemed friend [Robert R. He served under five presidents as U.

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Charles Lawson, and, early in his activism, he often included biblical allusions and religious metaphors in his speeches.

It is pertinent, therefore, to ask, in view of this admixture, as well as in view of other facts, where the people of this mixed race are to go, for their ancestors are white and black, and it will be difficult to find their native land anywhere outside of the United States.

Frederick Douglass

His mother died when he was around 10 years old. He remarked to a journalist, the day after his second marriage to Helen Pitts, who was white, …there is no division of races.

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The two men eventually met when both were asked to speak at an abolitionist meeting, during which Douglass shared his story of slavery and escape. He did not support the Exodus as a policy because he judged it bad for black labor, and that it did not address the institutional problems that caused the Exodus: From there he traveled through Delawareanother slave state, before arriving in New York and the safe house of abolitionist David Ruggles.

Slavery subverted the natural rights of blacks by subjugating and brutalizing them: University of Illinois Press, These words were not mere words for Douglass and the abolitionists; they were not just-so stories. During his stay Douglass was delighted for not being racially discriminated.

Douglass also established the newspaper The North Star, wrote autobiographies and held several posts in the government which were the highest held by an African American during the 19th century.

Frederick Douglass

There, they adopted the last name "Douglass" and they started their family, which would eventually grow to include five children: This depot was replaced by the historic President Street Stationconstructed —; it was noted as a site of other slave escapes along one of many routes of the famous " Underground Railroad " and during the Civil War.

Declaration of Independence, as well as the documented disagreements and cross-purposes, of the founders. Although he supported President Abraham Lincoln in the early years of the Civil War, Douglass would fall into disagreement with the politician after the Emancipation Proclamation ofwhich effectively ended the practice of slavery.

He even starts to have hope for a better life in the future. To defend slavery, some of its apologists drew on the idea of historical progress to offer the defense that slavery was a benevolent and paternal system for the mutual benefit of whites and blacks.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Douglass

Yet, Douglass is a fitting hero for the integrationist impulse in general. Social Bonds and Racial Hubris, Ithaca: Constitution to be an anti-slavery document. Bestselling Books: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass: Autobiographies: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave / My Bondage and My Freedom / Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (Library of America), Incidents.

Nov 09,  · Frederick Douglass () was an abolitionist. Born to a slave mother and an unknown white father, he spent his childhood in slavery but secretly learned to read. Helen Pitts was born into an abolitionist family in Honeoye, New York, in She worked for racial equality and women's rights, eventually finding employment as a clerk in Frederick Douglass.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is an memoir and treatise on abolition written by famous orator and former slave Frederick Douglass during his time in Lynn, is generally held to be the most famous of a number of narratives written by former slaves during the same period.

In factual detail, the text describes the events. The life, pholosophy, achievements, and principles of success of Frederick Douglass are used to empower people to believe in themselves and maximize their opportunities. Douglass, Frederick Frederick Douglass, oil painting by Sarah J.

Eddy, ; in the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, Washington, D.C. National Park Service; At a Nantucket, Massachusetts, antislavery convention inDouglass was invited to describe his feelings and experiences under extemporaneous remarks .

Frederick douglas
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