Experiment 6 relative density

Analyse the value of water level and data refer to weights in the boat. Count the paperclips until the weight of the paperclips causes the oil cup to just lift from the table. The diode has a window which allows light to enter, and the cathode is a clean metal surface. The resonant frequency of the element is measured and is related to the density of the fluid by a characterization that is dependent upon the design of the element.

Put a 10 g weight in the centre of the boat to ensure the boat remains upright. So while the amount of salty sea water displaced by the iceberg is equal to the weight of the iceberg, the volume of melted fresh water will be slightly higher than the displaced sea water, so the sea water level will rise when all the icebergs melt.

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The pressure at equal depths in a uniform liquid is the same, it acts in all directions, and always acts perpendicular to any surface with which it is in contact. Prior to set -up, group should start to warm the water. However, if water behaved as a normal polar molecule, at its molecular weight it would boil at about oC.

Again measure the proportion of the ice cube above the surface of the water. Repeat the experiment with a flat plastic tray full of water. Based on what we had encountered in the experiment, the effect of trapped bubbles is that its measured time is faster compare to time of a viscometer without bubbles.

In addition, your access to Education. Bucketsbucket and rod, bucket and cylinder, Commercial See diagram In the boat, the stone displaces its weight of water.

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Because of this property, oxygen is called a polar molecule. So the cola is more dense than the diet cola. The important properties are given in the table.

Water at the bottom of a cylinder remains at 4oC when surrounded by ice at the middle. Read the value of the water level and record it. The oil and water at first seem to mix together but after some time they separate into different layers. Where the relative density of the sample is close to that of water for example dilute ethanol solutions the correction is even smaller.

Check the alignment of the mercury source and the aperture by looking at the light shining on the back of the grating. However, if the object's density is less than that of the fluid, the upthrust will be the greater and the object will be pushed upwards towards the surface.

Brookfield Viscometer is used in determining the absolute viscosities see part C of Methodology.

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So water at 4oC is denser than the water at 0oC. So when the brick dropped into the water from the boat, the level of water in the tank decreased. Insert a short length of glass tubing through the other hole and attach a long rubber tube.

A boat sinks lower in the water by equal amounts as add equal weights are added to the boat. Fluids in an open condition, e. Place a drop of mineral oil on top and pipette in some coloured salt solution The drop in an oil sac sinks to the interface.

Can the pipe withstand the pressure. Incorrect temperature reading will make large error in the results. If you bore a hole through the surface ice of a frozen river and catch a fish through the hole, the fish will freeze to death when you pull it up became it has been living at a temperature between 0oC and 4oC.

From top left and proceeding clockwise: To ensure that viscometer is clean, the tube should be filled some hours before the experiment with a detergent solution and rinsed with distilled water several times by means of suction bulb. The density of water is about 1 g per cm2.

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Add weights 10 g every time. Calculate the volume of final level - original level or calculate the volume of water displaced by observing the volume of the rod under water. Radiation is passed from a source, through the fluid of interest, and into a scintillation detector, or counter.

Plot a graph of the stopping potential as a function of intensity. The ice cube should float with the top above the upper level of the vegetable oil, so use a vegetable oil that is dense enough.

No photoelectrons are emitted from the metal when the incident light is below a minimum frequency, regardless of its intensity.

Density and specific weight estimation for the regular shaped solid objects. A concept related to density is the specific gravity (or, even more appropriate, relative density) of a material, which is the ratio of the material's density to the density of water.

An object with a specific gravity less than one will float in water, while a specific gravity greater than one means it will sink. Specific gravity or relative density is the ratio of the density of the substance to the density of water, e.g. density of mercury = ( × 10 3 kg / m 3), so relative density of mercury = 36 EXPERIMENT 2: DENSITY The volume of a regularly shaped solid object (such as sphere, cylinder, or cube) can be found by measuring pertinent dimensions and using the appropriate geometric formula to.

Precision Density Measurement of Silicon 1 2 I vars Henins 3 (June 10, ) In a different type of experiment, the density According to this recalculation, the density of water at 25° relative to that at 4° is g/ml, and.

APPARATUS. Photodiode with amplifier; Batteries to operate amplifier and provide reverse voltage; Digital voltmeter to read reverse voltage; Source of monochromatic light beams to irradiate photocathode. The density of a substance is the ratio of its mass (weight) to its volume.

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The oil is less dense than the water and so is on top. The next experiment examines the miscibility and density of several liquids.

Experiment 6 relative density
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SPT and Relative Density in Coarse Sands