2g scam case summary

In a nation plagued by corruption where most cases of blatant abuse of power remain unresolved, it is doubtful how accurate the final verdict will be, if at all it will help recover the money and be able to send the culpable behind bars. Swamy requests that P.

Swamy did not require permission to file a suit against Mr. And they have seen many enquiries, arrests, court-cases etc. December 21, News Alerts 2G Scam Verdict: Compared to the year and the year the demands for Mobile Phones and the related services have increased by more than 20 times.

Chandolia and the former Telecom Secretary Mr. Politically however, irregularities in the allocation of Second Generation spectrum licenses for mobile communication and limited data transmission was too complex a subject for public comprehension or popular political lexicon.

As per the agreement, Antrix was to provide 70 MHz of the scarce S-Band space segment to Devas for its digital multimedia services.

The Government is responsible for such allocation. As a result, the charge of cheating was dropped. Former telecom secretary Sidharth Behura, who allegedly shut counters to physically block other telecom companies, and Raja's Personal Secretary RK Chandolia.

Raja, the Ex-telecom Minister, Mr. The alleged kickback was received through a channel of various companies. Devas then took Antrix and the Government to International Court for cancelling its contract by the Cabinet Committee on Security in Raja, which today we all identify as the 2G spectrum scam.

Vinod Rai, BJP should apologise to the nation, demands Kapil Sibal 'Unclear spectrum guidelines' In court's view, the lack of clarity in the policies as well as spectrum allocation guidelines also added to the confusion. The special CBI court dismisses bail requests of all eight applicants, including Kanimozhi.

Antrix was to lease satellite transponders to Devas for allowing it to offer digital multimedia services using the S-band wavelength spectrumreserved for strategic purpose.

And CBI has arrested Mr. Raja requests video-conferenced judicial proceedings, saying that he is threatened by other inmates. He later blamed the UPA-2 government for things going south in the deal. Entertainment Wednesday, 28 November You are here: Nevertheless, the exchequer is 1.

The former telecom minister spent nearly a year in prison before getting bail. Dismissal appealed to the Supreme Court. Satyam Scam was the big corporate scam that occurred in India in and is also regarded as “Debacle of the Indian Financial System”.After studying about the Satyam Scam in detail, this is best what one can explain about it.

2G Scam Verdict: A Recap Of the Spectrum Case So Far The 2G scam was among the major corruption scandals that erupted during former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's regime.

2G Spectrum Case Study Final. 2G SCAM. 2G SCAM. Ethical Issues in 2G scam. 2G Scam - Summary. SC Judgement on 2G Presidential Reference.

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2G scam: Where’s the missing Rs 76 trillion?

Sanatan Dharma. 2G-Spectrum-Scam.

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Dec 22,  · In QUOTES: The 2G verdict by the special CBI court December 21 was a day when big news was made on 2G scam. The verdict of. On Tuesday India lost its arbitration case in an international tribunal against Bengaluru-based Devas Multimedia Private Ltd for cancelling its space/satellite contract with the government-owned Antrix Corporation.

This is the second international tribunal to rule against the Indian government in. The official language used for the content of the Los Angeles Superior Court public website is English.

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2g scam case summary
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2G Spectrum Scam Case: Who Is A Raja? 10 Facts About Former Telecom Minister